Wedding Day TImeline

We’re big on wedding day schedules, as they provide a framework for the day and help everything run smoothly. A good way to start your schedule is to identify your ceremony time and length, and the amount of time (and light) you will need for your portraits. You can then work backwards from here to figure out your preparation timeline.

Not every couple’s wedding day is the same – e.g. some choose to have portraits taken after the ceremony, whereas some prefer a ‘first look’ and portrait session prior. Whatever you have planned for your day, we are here to help you work out your schedule and ensure you have a realistic timeframe for every aspect of your day.

Some tips for creating a wedding schedule:

*Allow more time than you think for hair and makeup

*Allow for travel time between locations if necessary

*Allow a generous amount of time for your portraits

*Ensure your ceremony and portraits are scheduled in daylight hours. It’s definitely worth checking out what time sunset will occur on your wedding date!