Pepperberry Photography is a Melbourne based fine art wedding photography partnership co-founded by close friends and fellow photographers Sally Plottel and Felicity Bale. At Pepperberry Photography, we place a strong emphasis on our natural aesthetic and unobtrusive shooting style, preferring to capture the special moments of your day as they unfold.

Our work has an airy, light-filled and organic feel to it – we love to shoot mainly in natural light working with whatever the day provides us! Pepperberry’s signature style is timeless, romantic and elegant, as we believe your wedding photos should capture the love, joy and happiness of your day in the most authentic way possible.

We love to take a candid and photojournalistic approach to our work most of the time, however we will set up and direct a portion of the images taken on the day. This will allow us to showcase the details and people at your wedding in the best light and produce beautiful, creative and unique photographs that capture the essence of your story. Our goal is to subtly guide you when necessary and remain as discreet as possible the remainder of the time – so much so, that you might forget we’re even there!


From nutting out the specifics of your wedding day timeline, to photographing  the intricacies of your wedding gown, flowers or reception décor, Pepperberry LOVE to focus on the small things! We both have an exceptional eye for detail and a great appreciation of how the smallest of elements can work together to form the big [beautiful] picture!


Working together seamlessly on all wedding shoots, we will artfully capture every angle of your special day without missing a beat. While one is shooting portraits, the other might be documenting the reactions of your guests as they enjoy the canapes and sunshine before the reception. Or perhaps one will be photographing the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready while the other is shooting the spectacular flowers in the garden outside or the details of the bride’s shoes, perfume bottle or engagement ring.

Together, our images will combine to portray a raw and honest account of your day as it happened – the people, the location, the environment, the light, the atmosphere, and everything in between!

Both romantics at heart, we feel privileged to be entrusted with the immense task of capturing a couple’s love story. While always retaining our laid back nature and sense of fun, we take our job very seriously and recognize the important role we play in your momentous occasion. Our mission for each and every wedding we shoot is to put our hearts and souls into creating beautiful, emotive and powerful images that our couples will treasure for the rest of their lives.