Sally and Felicity first met whilst studying photography at RMIT in Melbourne back in 2009. Since graduating, they have both worked as freelance photographers taking on a variety of different jobs, as well as shooting a number of weddings together.

In 2015, they decided it was time to turn their passion for wedding photography into a business. As a result, Pepperberry Photography was born!


Whether it’s the picturesque landscape at a wedding venue, an intricate handmade dress or an exquisite flower, Sally loves to capture beauty and style in all forms. Her eye for detail and composition, along with her whimsical and elegant style is perfect for creating both striking and memorable wedding imagery.

Sally is a quiet observer with a considered approach to the images she creates, however she also delights in the spontaneity of capturing the pure love and emotion that can be found in the ‘in-between’ moments of a wedding day.

Developing a love of photography in her high school years, Sally went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photomedia) from Monash University and a Diploma of Photoimaging from RMIT. She is able to draw on her background in fine arts as well as her technical photography skills to produce highly creative and meaningful images for every client she has the privilege of working with.

Felicity’s love of photography began at a young age, while taking lots of photos on travels with her family. As a visual person, photography has always been her preferred form of expression and has now grown into a lifelong passion.

Finding herself particularly drawn to the art of wedding photography, Felicity embraces the opportunity to be involved in such a special day in people’s lives. She loves documenting the joy and emotion of a wedding day, as well as all the little details that make each wedding a unique reflection of the couple. Felicity’s friendly nature and unobtrusive shooting style combine with her tenacity and dedication to produce beautiful, authentic wedding imagery that never fails to impress.

Graduating with a Diploma of Photoimaging from RMIT and a Diploma of Auslan from Melbourne Polytechnic, Felicity’s technical photography skills and ability to communicate with a wide variety of people, in particular the deaf community, give her a unique approach to wedding photography.